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Changes at Rejuvenation Room due to COVID-19

Obviously due to the virus, certain changes have had to be implemented regarding all sorts of areas in order for the business to be able to open as well as keep you and I as safe as possible.

Listed below are the changes and systems I am putting in place following government guidelines and hygiene standards.

Before your treatment date

Once you have made your appointment I will be contacting you the day before to go through a COVID-19 questionnaire. This is a brief form regarding your health. You will sign it on arrival for your treatment. I will also at this time, go through your general health and if there is anything that you wish me to concentrate on during your treatment. This will cut down on the time you are in the room as we have to keep this to a minimum.

On arrival for your treatment

Please turn up for your appointment on time. If you are early, I would ask that you wait in your car until your allotted treatment time. I am allowing much more time between clients to sanitise all areas properly. Please attend your appointment alone. If you can, leave your coat in the car. Please remove your shoes at the front door. I will be providing a box for you to put your phones, bags etc in, which will be taken to the treatment room for you to store your clothes during the treatment. On the hall table there will be a hand sanitiser for you to use before your treatment and there will also be some in the treatment room too. Please avoid using the toilet facilities unless absolutely necessary.

I shall be wearing a face visor for your protection and mine. You do not need to wear a mask, but if you wish to, please bring this with you. I will, of course be washing my hands as I always do and the sanitisation in my treatment room will be of the highest standard and I shall also being doing all areas like door handles, hand rails, banisters etc. All blankets and towels are washed at 60 degrees as they always have been.

There are new guidelines in place regarding areas that I cannot treat.  I am adapting my massage routines to avoid any unnecessary risk.

The room has to be ventilated between each client so this will be done as much as possible. I am mindful that the room needs to be a certain warm temperature and will juggle this as much as I can. If you need more warmth in the room, or on the couch, you only have to say.

I have stripped my room of all but necessary items in order to be able to keep things as clean and hygienic as possible. I am not supplying any water so please bring your own.

Payment for Treatment and Treatment Costs

I am still happy for you to pay cash but would be grateful if you could have the correct money and put into a sealed envelope. I am also happy for you to pay via direct bank transfer before or at the time of your treatment, account details can be given upon request.


I will be keeping your email address and mobile number for track and trace purposes.